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Top four advantages of artificial plants over natural plants

Gone are the days when artificial plants used to look soÖ wellÖ artificial! Todayís artificial plants and flowers are designed, moulded and painted in such a way that they look and feel real. Some artificials even have a withered leaf or two and insect holes. On closer inspection, you may certainly mistake it for real, such is the quality of our artificial plants, trees and flowers. The resources used in creating them are of advanced quality and are longer lasting. Most plants are rain resistant due to the coating applied to the polymer leaves. They have many advantages in comparison to natural plants; some of them are listed below:

- No seasonal changes

Most important advantage is that artificial plants donít change according to seasons. Live plants or trees seasonally shed their leaves and therefore the appearance changes and will not give the desired impact to your indoor or outdoor decoration. Artificial plants stay as they are always with very little care, although occasional care is needed to keep them looking in tiptop condition for many years to come.

- Less care and more realistic appearance

Itís true that artificials require less care and attention when compared to natural plants. You donít need to water them. Since they are dead they donít grow and hence donít need constant trimming. They stay in the shape you first purchased them. Even then they look beautiful and enhance the home/office environment all year round.

- Donít need natural factors

All living things need air, water and sunlight. Our artificial plants need none of these requirements so when you are on vacation you need not worry about who will water your plants and you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest. As artificial plants donít need sunlight you can place them anywhere you like irrespective of whether that place gets enough sunlight or not, giving you the freedom of using them as a design aspect. No need to worry about the attack of pests or insects that will spoil the growth and perfection of your plant, or the rotting of trunks due to waterlogged planters.

- Not restricted to one place

Another advantage of artificial plants is that they are not restricted to one place; you can move them wherever and whenever you want. You are free to place them where you think they will look the best while also giving a new appearance to you room or garden. They are also easier to re-pot should you fancy a new look, new shape, or new colour planter.

These are just some of the advantages of owning artificial plants when compared to natural ones. They give you all the benefits of a natural plant but without making any compromises.

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