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Replica plants - the option to rent

Many people have an artificial plant or two in their homes or offices - it’s a great way to add a decorative touch to your surroundings without having to constantly water, prune and generally spend time looking after the plants.

But, what if you have a large space to decorate - big office, a wedding event, private or corporate function, bar event or simple decoration etc. Ever thought of renting your artificials?

Renting artificial plants, trees and flowers has a number of very distinct advantages. For instance, if your office space is large, then your budget might not stretch to perhaps thousands of dollars in order to buy the quantity required to fill out the space. Also keep in mind that you will have to regularly maintain the artificial plants to keep them looking fresh and new. You might even grow tired of the plant design after a couple of years. Depending on the type of artificial plant and rental period required, you can have installations in your office for around 30-50$ a month. If you choose a mixture of plants and large trees, then perhaps 50-100$ per month might suit. What you get for your money is not only the plants, but the decorative containers, the delivery and installation on site, twice per year cleaning and maintenance service - plus pick-up when the rental period ends. You could also save on the delivery charges by organizing your own pick up and return. You can also change the whole installation after a couple of years for a completely new look!

The renting option would be ideal for a wedding. Garlands, rose bushes, topiaries, hanging displays, vases of flowers, all delivered and arranged for you (unless you’d rather give it a go yourself) and removed once the big event is over - stress free and the arrangements will look fresh and lovely all day!

For private ‘theme’ parties the rental option also makes sense. Displays can be organized to tone in with the party theme - Christmas, Halloween, Hawaiian - enjoy the party and let the rental company take care of the décor from start to finish!

Corporate events are usually a different type of event. Business is the order of the day and the artificial plant displays must look appropriate. Large ornamental pot arrangements of Japanese Maple, Bougainvillea, and Oleander can transform the most austere setting into an elegant and delightful stage - you take care of business and the artificial plant rental company takes care of the surroundings!

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