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Item Name :
Wisteria Garland (P)
Item Number :
Description :
A gorgeous flowered garland that will look perfect for that special event, or any occasion.

Length: 6ft (1.83m)

One main stem with 34 branches - each end has a small hook for holding/securing the garland.

A total of 170 textile leaves in 2 sizes providing a 'waxy' hand-feel. The 34 branches hold 5 leaves per stem. 3 shades of fresh green with all leaves highlighting the veining detail. Every leaf is individually set onto the stems.

6 flower heads with 15 flowers and a cluster of buds on each head. The flower tips are a lovely shade of deep lilac with cream and yellow centre accents.

Basic care: information included with every purchase.
Price :
USD 10.90
Flat shipping rate :
USD 4.90 worldwide
(20% discount on postage for multiple purchases)
Inventory :
-Sold Out-

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