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Item Name :
Promo 0301
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Description :
2 x Japanese Maple Trees - Artificial Dwarf Trees

- in 2 different colours: change your tree to suit the seasons or tone with your home/office décor!

Overall length: 18 inch (46cm), unpotted

5 pre-knotted trunks in brown/green colour. 'Aged' by stippled markings which imitate the real tree. Trunks are inner wired and extending from the bottom is a 2.5" (included in length) PVC pin mounted onto a round disc for easy and stable planting.

415 textile leaves in 3 growth sizes on PVC stalks. 5 separate foliage heads give a full and lush display. Leaves are crisp to the touch with each one displaying the tiny intricate 'saw' edging of the Japanese Maple leaf.

a) in two shades of green.

b) featuring dramatic early autumn shades of red/orange, yellow, green and cream.

Please note planters for demonstration purpose only.

Free moss is included with purchase.

Basic care: information included with every purchase.
Price :
USD 39.90
Flat shipping rate :
USD 9.90 worldwide
(20% discount on postage for multiple purchases)
Inventory :
8 Available

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