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Special Offers 
Item Name :
Promo 0281
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Description :
2 x Yucca Palms - Artificial Trees

- Yucca Rikki

Height: 3 ft (91cm), unpotted

Single unit real-touch trunk in 'aged' ash colour w/5 branches ranging in height from 1.5 ft to 2.9 ft. Inner cores fitted with steel wiring for flexible shaping. 4" of steel core extends from the trunk bottom for stable planting.

5 foliage heads in varying sizes with 220 textile leaves which are designed to fan-out naturally. Colour is green/pale yellow giving way to the lighter green of the 'new growth'.

Please note planters and pebbles for demonstration purpose only - not included.

Basic care: information included with every purchase.
Price :
USD 61.90
Flat shipping rate :
USD 14.90 worldwide
(20% discount on postage for multiple purchases)
Inventory :
10 Available

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