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Artificial plants - a great way to add ambience to home or office

Flowers and plants are always a delight to see, it creates an atmosphere of a very natural and exciting environment. Live flowers or plants however are very fickle, and need regular care and maintenance to continue looking fresh and vigorous. For busy homeowners and office staff the continuous attention might not be ideal.

Watering (and different plants need different water amounts at different times), removal of dead leaves, possible insect infestation, exposure to sunlight for growth pattern, and soil mess are some of the points associated with the care and handling of live plants. And no-one wants to see a few dead plants and withered flowers around the home or office - it just does not give the impression of a well ordered environment!

Artificial plants are becoming hugely popular for the above reasons and more. All artificials require minimum maintenance - but they DO need maintenance to keep them looking fresh. A quick dust every few weeks and a thorough wash 2-3 times per year will maintain and allow a longer durability. Today, artificial plants and flowers are manufactured to precisely replicate the real ones. Materials used are coated to give good hand-feel and the choices are endless - from delicate orchids to complicated and highly realistic Kurrajong Palms, Bismarkia and Ficus trees.

Most can be purchased online easily and from knowledgeable suppliers. So, now decorating home or office with plants is not a daunting task, in fact you can have an awful lot of fun choosing your favourite plants and flowers in a great many colours and styles, and choosing the ideal planter to coordinate the whole effect.

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Rose Bush (R)
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Spider Plant
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Geranium (W)
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3 Sprengeri Ivies
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